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Google Sends Aspirin To Blogger

Google Sends Aspirin To Blogger

So some blogger dude, frustrated with Google, wrote “Dear Google, you are giving me a headache” on his blog. Soon afterwards, he receives a packet of aspirin from Google and a handwritten note.

“Google continues to amaze me. Even though they are a huge company, they obviously found my article on Marketing Pilgrim, got some acetaminophen, wrote a letter, and mailed it to me.”

Damn, I knew I should have wrote that “Dear Google, I wish I was a millionaire” editorial.


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The theory of friends

Thoughts on something I read in the newspaper today:

You know, I read in the newspaper today about something a murderer stated in court. It struck me as rather depressing.
It essence he excused his killing as an act of mercy, apparently the couple he killed were friends of his.
He stated that he viewed his having friends as a weakness, and so he had to kill them as he was afraid that caring for anyone but himself would hold him back in life.

It’s a sick and twisted point of view. One would imagine having friends would benefit him in life, not hold him back. It would seem rather lonely to give up caring about anyone, and in turn anyone caring about you.

I would imagine most people would find the thought of losing a friend as upsetting, he found the thought of having a friend as somehow loathsome. Quite the contradiction from the norm.

Personally I much prefer my stance that having people that care for you, and are willing to be there for you when needed… ie. friends, as being a good thing… not something to be afraid of.
I guess that’s obvious.. I merely felt like commenting as the thought of someone viewing friends as a concept to avoided as truly depressing.

It’s fitting enough for the newspaper though. The news in by it’s very nature depressing. It’s the nasty stuff that makes the headlines, I doubt people would want to read the news if it was filled with nice sweet articles about people helping little old ladies across the street. 🙂

Anyway, I’m curious what anyone else has to say on the article I mentioned above?

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Windows Vista delays explained

A blog post on Microsoft’s developer network reveals some interesting insight into the delays that have plagued Windows Vista over the past few years. With irreverent prose and a liberal use of bold tags, Microsoft Tablet PC developer Philip Su explains how serious management problems and an overly complicated code base have made Vista development slow and difficult to control.

To illustrate the slowness of Vista development, Su points to Vista’s estimated gain of 10 million lines of code over Windows XP. Divide up 10 million lines across the five-year development time and 2,000-strong developer team, and the average Vista developer is only estimated to be producing around 1,000 lines of code every year—significantly below the average for software developers in the United States, which Su says is 6,200 lines a year.

What’s more, the Windows team retains “the whiff of a bygone culture of belittlement and aggression,” according to Su. Developers are frightened to communicate delays to project managers, and project managers aware of delays are unable to get a proper response from higher-ups. “Figure out how to make it work” is quoted as a typical response from one of the Vice Presidents overseeing Vista’s development.

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Dave Baumann joins ATi

I suppose Beyond3D will live on without him, but his loss hit’s the online tech community hard. There’s no one else out theere with his knowledge to adequately fill in.

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