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Curtis Jospeh

Curtis Jospeh AKA Cujo, is now hereby renamed by me to The CujoGod.
That’s correct, Cujo is now the God of NHL goaltenders. Though whilst bow down to his greatness.

Appropriately enough he’s presently occupied with carrying Phoenix on his back quite literally.
Oh, how I love to see Cujo thrive, and he’s always performed better when he’s playing for the underdog, and especialy behind a weak defence when he gets plenty of work.
We’ve seen this throughout hi career, and it was again obvious with Detroit the past two seasons when he was merely average during the regular season and not nearly worth his 8M paycheck (Though to his credit, he was stellar in Detoit’s two first round exits…. characteristically he was still blamed for them however. Sometime I wonder if people expected him to score as well? Detroit’s offence sure wasn’t doing it)


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Calgary’s Defence…. more and more and more and…

Okay, i'm now convinced the Calgary Flames are trying to sign a team of 23 defencemen. Their infatuation with defence is getting a little excessive.

Before the Free Agency period started they had Regehr, Leopold, Lydman, Ference, Phaneuf, Warrener, Montador.
A pretty strong defence right?

Their offence however is decidedly lacking in any sort of scoring ability outside of Iginla. Kobasew is somewhat promising but a clearly not ready to make a serious impact.
They sign Langkow, a solid addition which finally gies Iginla a credible Center to work with. Langkow's rather inconsistent, and has never lived up to expectations but he's a capable 2nd line Center albeit put in a 1st line role in Calgary, I really think they could have done better but as a secondary player he's good. Sadly he's Calgary's 2nd best forward by a large margin.
They also signed Amonte, clearly on the downside of his career and merely a depth forward at this point in time. It's a testimaent to how weak the are offensively that Amonte will probably get 1st line minutes, even with that I don't expect any more then 15 goals from him and that would be a definite success.

Anything else? na, they marginally strengthen their top line and leave their 2nd/3rd/4th lines with a bunch of pluggers/defensive specialists.
The offence is still lackluster, and relies pretty much entirely on Iginla.
One would think they'd strengthen it further… but no, instead they go out and sign Hamrlik.
A fine player, and a good #2-3 D-Man.
But Calgary's defence was already extremely strong, and youthful. The last thing they need is yet another defencemen.

That leaves them with 8 NHL D-Man, 7 of which could be on the top 4 on most teams.
So to make room for Hamrlik they deal Lydman for a 3rd rounder. Not a pretty trade, Lydman could have fetched much more. A young #3 D-Man, that hasn't yet peaked.
Hamrlik is a small upgrade over Lydman, he's more expensive, he's older and unlike Lydman he's already peaked. Lydman still has room to improve.
Unsurprisingly Flames fans aren't terribly happy about this.
Okay, so it's a pointless signing. An incremental improvement an on already existing strength, instead of using the money to strengthen their forwards. They trade Lydman for below market value.

Now, a few games into the season they sign Marchment…. what the???!
They already have Regehr, Hamrlik, Leopold, Ference, Phaneuf, Warrener, Montador. The defence is over crowded already, and very blatently one of the top few in the NHL. Sure Regehr is still out with injury but it's not like Calgary has a weak Defence even without him and he'll be back soon enough.
Besides, this is Marchment…. a decent stay at home #6-7 guy. But he couldn't make the Leafs defence out of training camp. No one in their right mind thinks the Leafs defence is anywhere near as good as that of Calgary. If he couldn't make a below average Leafs defence why would Calgary sign him when they already have one of the top 5 defences in the NHL?

I give up. Their goal is clearly to accumulate as many defencemen as they can. Forwards? Forget it. Iginla has to do everything himself.
At this rate their soon going to be having defencemen playing forward…. or god forbid, they'll have a defencemen as their backup goalie.

Bizarre and incomprehensible. It's like Calgary has a fetish for defencemen.

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