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So Gmail is finally out of Beta, as is Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Talk. Amazing. I wasn’t aware Google was capable of labeling anything as officially being launched and not merely a never ending perpetual beta.
Gmail has been in “beta” for a little over half a decade now.
Stupid, and silly.

I guess businesses ignoring Google Docs due to the perpetual beta status finally got Google to wake up and  remove the meaningless beta tag.
Naturally in classic Google fashion it’s quietly swept under the rug.

Getting Google to do anything without years of research into the tiniest minutie is an incredible accomplishment. Now all we need is for Google’s spending to be devoted more to their products then the billions of swimming pools and other such apparent necessities that their employees must have access to.
Nice company to work for I’m sure, but that whole “Do Good” mantra of their died long ago. For all the hype and love, their an awful lot like a mini Microsoft in actions and behavior.
Or at least old Microsoft. I don’t have much issue with current Microsoft, or rather I do but not about their behavior on any sort of a legal basis.
But Google’s more questionable actions are kinda well out of the way of anything related to the shocking news that…. they actually have something that’s not beta.


July 8, 2009 - Posted by | Tech Industry

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