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Sony: Xbox 360 costs $698

Item #5000 on Sony’s list of bizarre comments about the PS and their competitors has now been entered. Not content simply to inform everyone that European customers are “thruled and pleased” that Sony delayed the consoles release over there, and that the PS3 is ridiculously underpriced…. apparently they’ve also decided to inform us that the XBox 350 now costs $700.

Their twisted logic:
They claims the $299 Xbox 360 Core System “requires users to buy” a $100 20GB hard drive, a $199 HD DVD drive, a $50 wireless controller, and a $50 Xbox Live subscription in order to play games, obviously none of this is true… but accuracy isn’t a big thing over there.

Naturally, Sony conveniently ignores the fact that the $399 Xbox 360 “Premium” system includes the hard drive, wireless controller, and Xbox Live subscription. If users wish to add the entirely-optional HD DVD drive, the bundle’s price rises to $598—still $100 below Sony’s quoted figure.
They also neglect to mention any of the extras that come with the XBox 360 that the PS3 lacks. Apparently only Sony’s extras count.

I love Sony…. their becoming as hilariously inventive as Apple is in their marketing efforts.
Now all we need is for Jerry Sanders to come out of etirement and become AMD’s CEO again and we’ll have a lovely threesome. Sanders isn’t as bizarre in marketing…. but he was definitely always a colorful, “Hollywood’esque” guy and ever quoteable.
I’ve always been particularly fond of the “Real men have FABs.” quotation.


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