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Gretzy skips first day of Yotes training camp

I don’t care what the circumstances are with the Coyotes bankruptcy, I don’t care how obvious it is that you’re going to be dropped regardless of who gets the team. I don’t care about the fact that the NHL’s bid specifically states they will not honor your contract.

Right now you’re the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. This is an NHL franchise. You are being paid over $8.5 Million a year. Get off your butt and show up and do your job.
I respect Gretzky but this is pathetic. How can the head coach of a team not be there when training camp starts?
Unless your dying in a hospital somewhere there are no excuses. None.

Is it embarrassing for him?  Yeah.
But hey, you’re getting 8.5M. That’s well above any other coach in the NHL. And it’s not like there aren’t questions about your ability to do the job. Sure you’re a part of marketing the team and all. So there is a little extra. But however you cut it you’re getting huge money to coach that team.
And regardless of what happens in the future you are the coach.

If I’m a Yotes player I’m asking myself why should I show up and work my butt off if the coach won’t even bother?
Hard to have respect for any coach after that.
Gretzky has been a model citizen for the game. He’s done a ton for it. He’s worked hard, he’s given a lot of time and poured his heart into it. He’s legitimately been a superstar of the ice as well as he was on it.

But this is horrible. If he’s anyone else he should be fired 2 seconds from now. It won’t happen but there is absolutely no justification no matter who you are. There are far better coaches then he that should be dropped in a second if they pulled this.
For hockey, the NHL, Gretzky, and the Coyotes.

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September 13, 2009 Posted by | NHL Business | 2 Comments