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The female gender

Emotional state: Annoyed, aggravated, frustrated confused.
The last few weeks are continued definitive proof the entire female gender is absolutely insane.
Period, end of discussion.

Women: You cannot live with them, you cannot live without them. Such is life. Such is why women live longer then men.

Every last one of them has about 5 billion different personalities all bottled up into one body, all spontaniously flickering randomly between each personality roughly once a minute to once a day depending on the individual in question.

Random theory: Drug addicts that are addicted to hallucinogens use them in an attempt to vaguely understand the billions of personalities embodied in women. They continue using drugs because drug addiction with a vague hope of occasionally undeeerstanding them or guessing which personality will be dominant at any given point in time is preferable to being sober, logical and unaddicted…. and entirely incapable of understanding any female.

If your female reading this, don’t take offence. Your all insane, men are simply *beep* (insert expletive of choice). Probably better insane then naturally and almost unavoidably *beep*. Afterall, there are typically some good personalities mixed in with your many other.


September 23, 2007 Posted by | Relationships | 1 Comment