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Welcome to jail Michael, please have a long stay

Here’s Michael Vick’s idea of being kind to a dog. Michael Vick and 3 other men were served with a federal indictment for dog fighting, Vick unsurprisingly being the leader of the whole group and funding the operation and owning the property they used for their…. ‘entertainments’. Vick today finally accepted of plea bargain agreement admitting his guilt.

They were acquiring dogs and used them to gamble on dog fights. The dogs that lost/couldn’t be trained to kill/weren’t violent enough to suit them were tortured and executed for their enjoyment. The methods of execution included shooting the dogs with a pistol. Wetting them down and electrocuting them. Picking them up and slamming them into the ground until they were finally dead. Or using their custom built dog guillotine to chop off their head. The other method was simply hanging the dogs. Some of these dogs were perfectly healthy but because they couldn’t fight or make them money they killed them. They filmed the dog fights and executions to retain for ‘memories’.

Most people seem to be under the opinion Vick is getting a raw deal and should go free with a few thousand dollar fine. “Well, it’s not like it’s a crime against people so he should be OK”.

Apparently people feel it’s perfectly acceptable and reasonable to take an animal with feelings and love and subject them to torture?

To quote a politician:“One is left wondering: Who are the real animals? Who are the real animals, who are the real animals – the creatures inside the ring or the creatures outside the ring?”

The NFL seems only concerned about the gambling charges, happily content to ignore the whole torture, execution, and forcing dogs to fight for their lives. Yes… gambling is worth suspending someone, killing dogs?  Not a problem.

The last I heard he’s expected to see prison time of 6-18mnths. Some claim this will likely finish his NFL career… I neither follow nor care about the NFL, so I won’t comment there.  He’s apparently still owed over 100Million $ on his current contract, one would hope the team can recoup that and kill the contract. I’d have to assume there is some personal conduct guidelines in the contract that Vick’s broken which will allow them to get out of it.

Look at the picture. That’s an animal that’s been treated well and kindly by Vick and his friends. Other pictures make this image seem the most humane thing you’ll ever seen.

Sick and disgusting person.

Updated Aug 18/2009:
Apparently he’s now back in the NFL, soon to be a millionaire again… and all is forgotten and forgiven.
I tend to believe in second chances. But I’m also a dog lover, so I’m not exactly happy.
I doubt he’ll do it again, but I also think the only reason he wouldn’t is because he knows he’d get caught.


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  1. I think this guy is a sick fuck….just looking at these pictures makes me want to break down and cry ….this guy should be tortured himself and be made to fight til his death and see how he likes it…burn in hell you sick motherfucker!!!!!!!

    Comment by Brittany | November 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. U need to grow up how can u do that to dogs

    Comment by selena | December 10, 2008 | Reply

  3. I care alot about animals and seeing these dogs the way he treated them makes me literally cry. I have dogs and that is the last thing I would do to them. I dont understand how you could put any animal through such a horrific thing. Those dogs needed help and now they got it, im proud of the BEST FRIENDS animal society. They are finally giving those dogs a voice and proving that they can be trained and still be a good pet. Michael Vick is a very sick man and deserves to be punished greatly.

    Comment by brittany | December 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. michael vick is a horrible man and i hope he realizes he messed up his life very badly!!! no one will like him now that they know what he has done to those poor inocent dogs. he might have been a pro football player but that is wrong to do to any kind of animal! i want to put you in a fight till the death and see if you like it, or better yet lets just put you up to one of your own dogs. see how they felt, all the pain of the other dogs teeth puncturing your skin. maybe then you will understand what it is exactly that you are going to jail for. YOU ARE A VERY VERY SICK MAN MICHAEL VICK AND I HOPE YOU GET THE WORST IN JAIL!! do you think you would understand this all a little better if you had no other choice than to do something you didnt want to do, and it hurts so bad but if you dont fight back you would die? would you still be doing it today, and tomorrow, and for the rest of your miserable little life if you had not got busted? think about those dogs and how they felt through all this! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!

    Comment by Brew. | December 25, 2008 | Reply

  5. what a sicko

    Comment by william | June 17, 2009 | Reply

  6. This sona of a bitch If I catch him I will end his sick life!

    Comment by Brian Sookhoo | July 24, 2009 | Reply

  7. how can anyone hurt an animal?You mike vick are a sick and twisted human being!! I hope you get yours one day you piece of shit nigger! All those dogs never had a chance to live a good life because of you, and your scumbag friends!so you could make money!! You are a douche bag! I wish you nothing but a life of hell! You herpes infested,dog killing motherfucking piece of shit…Rot in hell you useless fuck! I hope you get attacked by a pack of dogs!

    Comment by matt | August 14, 2009 | Reply

  8. Michael Vick is a piece of shit and needs to be locked away for life. Why would someone want to do that to helpless animals. The dogs never did a damn thing wrong to anybody. When Pitbulls are raised to be mean they are going to be mean. So get a clue and raise them the right way. My heart goes out to all of the dogs killed and injured due to michael vick’s sick habit. I hope that Michael Vick rots in hell but first before he does that he needs to be attacked and killed by a huge pack of dogs so he can feel what all those innocent dogs felt and went thru. Michael Vick, you’re a dumb piece of shit and i hope you get what you deserve. Hope you got everything you wanted by killin all those dogs you piece of shit.

    Comment by terri | October 14, 2009 | Reply

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