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Dating and ‘Sudden’ Sundin

You know hockey obsession in Toronto is a touch excessive when front page news is Mats Sundin has hugged a girl in Sweden.

Yes, I know the shock and awe. He’s now one of the hundreds of millions of men across the world that probably hugged their wives/girlfriends the same day. Outside of destroying my long held suspicion that Sundin was gay (Yes I seriously believed it possible, no it’s not an insult to Sundin).

Welcome to the media Josephine Johansson, you will never again escape it, ask Mats ex-Tina Fagerstrom. She’s still news several years after they were a couple for the sole reason that she was once with Sundin.

Not even Mats semi-legendary ability to keep his private life-private can save you now. At least she had a few months peace before the media caught ahold of the news.

Apparently when your named Mats Sundin, the biggest news in Sweden or Toronto on Aug17 is when you hug your girlfriend. Unsurprisingly the newspapers have pledged to keep us updated on the couples exploits. Much as I love Sundin I cannot even begin to fathom why I should care whom he’s dating however.


August 17, 2007 Posted by | Toronto Maple Leafs | 1 Comment