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Google kills paid Google Videos….. and steals your videos

 Google sent an email to users of Google’s Download to Rent/Own Service, at the bottom was this small note-

After August 15, 2007, you will no longer be able to view your purchased or rented videos.

That right there is the big hole is DRM, you can own content and legally have purchased it. But the second the seller decides they no longer want yopu to have it… it’s gone. You purchased it?  Too bad, you may “own” it but their fully within their rights to take it away any time they want. No refunds, nothing. It’s gone.

Digital Rights Management is an euphemism for copy-protection services that (mostly) treat consumers like criminals, and deprive them of their fair use of acquired content.
Assume your customers are criminals, and assume they intend to steal your content and assume they intend to give it to everyone they know. That’s the DRM they’ve worked so hard ensure.

Congratulations everyone, your a criminal. You’ve been annointed and will be treated as a criminal. Doesn’t matter what you ever have or ever will do.

Even content that you “purchase” (i.e. not rented content) isn’t actually owned by you and it can be taken away. That’s ludicrous, but that’s what the governments have all been so ardently supportive of the music/movie/tv industires in shoving down our throats.

Imagine if these were DVDs: one day, a man from Virgin Megastore shows up at your door and says, “We’re taking away all your videos. Sorry!
That’s DRM in a nutshell.


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