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Paris Hilton

Everyone knows her, everyone hates her. The reasons are obvious no need to get into that.
Interestingly her stupidity in reality seems to live up to the hype:

She states that she played hockey in high school (True, at least for the few months she was at the school before being kicked out for reasons anyone can guess ie. summoning limos to take her to clubs rather then going to classes). Says she was “very good”
Asked her position?  “Oh, I played all over the ice”.  Unusual, but okay. What position did she prefer to play?   She asked what the positions were. Her former teammates mention she didn’t know how to skate.

Impressive, she’s very good at hockey…. yet can’t skate and doesn’t know any of the positions.

She states that she’s devoutely religious and has read the bible multiple times. Asked her favourite part: She couldn’t name one. Asked to mame a part she liked:  She couldn’t name one.

She’s so devoutely religious… she can’t name anything she liked at all in the bible.

Asked if she votes:  She anwered yes.
Asked when was the last election she voted in: Last year.
Asked what election that was: Presidential election.
Asked how often she vote in the presidential election: She votes every year, she’s voted for Bush 5 times.

Intriguing. I presume the presidential election last year was a secret one held only for her, because there certainly wasn’t a regular one. Nor is there a presidential election every single year, nor can anyone have voted for Bush as president 5 times…

Asked what she thought of Bush’s predecessor and his… dalliances with Lewinsky: She asked who it was.
Fascinating. She voted in the election (as she somehow does every year) but managed to be oblivious as to whom the president actually was at the time.

I’m amazed. The sheer stupidity here is overwhelming, the jokes about her actually pay her a compliment. She’s far less intelligent then even the harshest jokes might portray.


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