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Chris Benoit

I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Canadian wrestler Chris Benoit, I don’t follow wrestling but I understand he was highly regarded. Apparently it was a double murder suicide, strangled his wife and 7yr old son over the weekend then killed himself  the following Monday. I can’t even guess at what was going through his head. Maybe steroids screwed up his brain, I haven’t a clue.

Regardless I understand the WWE had to cancel their live show. What I don’t understand is replacing it with a tribute show to him. Maybe that sounds harsh…. but is this really a guy you want to do a tribute to?
I mean the guy just killed his family, a little difficult to call him a wonderful family man and a great example of how one should live their life.
Is this really a good character example that we should be speaking of what a wonderful individual he was?

Whatever the apparently positive perception of him was in life… it wasn’t accurate.

Update:  July 17/07
So we now know Benoit was indeed on steroids at the time of his death, but apparently none of them were the type to induce ‘roid rage’.
Apparently he was also on anti-anxiety drugs and pain killers, neither of which is particularly surprising given his career.
His wife was also, for whatever that’s worth.
We have more evidence that he’d been injecting his son with steroids for several years prior to this incident.

Beyond that, not a whole lot new. His personal physician had been procuring the steroids for him, and said physician had also apparently been doing the same fo two other individuals whether those two were wrestlers or not is apparently unknown.

In short-not a whole lot new, or surprising mostly confirmation of what I imagine most had already assumed.


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