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Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports on the topic of expansion:


In the wake of a Stanley Cup playoffs that broke records for irrelevance and low ratings, with empty seats in both new and established markets, coming off the infamous “Preakness Game” that highlighted the worst TV package in sports, the worst commissioner in sports and the lingering hangover from two suicidal lockouts, what does the NHL think is the answer?


The NHL has forced so many of those fans to voice their anger by staying away, not buying, not watching, not caring. Unfortunately, rather than get this league to change course it’s emboldened them to bleed the sport dry.

Fans are disillusioned, disappointed and disenfranchised. And what else would they be at this point? The game is great. The league stinks. We want our old NHL back; fewer teams not more, owners that want to win, not bilk taxpayers, real television coverage, not something that’s on before bull riding.


Funny, how everyone on earth can see this except Bettman and his delusional owners all wrapped up in the mythical belief the NHL is incredibly popular in he Southern US, the TV rights deals are wonderful and better then anything they could ever hope for.

Yes, let’s add more teams in areas that don’t care about hockey. Meanwhile we should continue to ignore those areas that do.
The NHL is worse off now then it was when Bettman was first hired, the US cares less about hockey now then ever before. At some point the owners have to realize his tenure has been an unmitigated disaster in every respect.

Fold a few teams, fire Bettman, and move a few to the Canadian and possibly Northern US cities that actually care about and can support hockey.


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