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Vanessa, it may be from a different perspective as you hold (male/female)…. but the meaning is the same. Have faith, even when it seems impossible. That’s all you can do.
No matter what it seems, there truly is someone out there for everyone.


I know you’re out there, somewhere…

I know that somewhere your heart beats
With every beat of mine.
Somewhere, I know you take a breath
For every breath of mine.
Perhaps, sometimes, your tears fall
For every tear of mine,
And, just perhaps, your eyes shine
With a shine not unlike mine.

Last night I gazed upon the stars,
As I often do,
And wondered if the same starlight
Was shining down on you.

I wondered if your heart needs mine
As much as mine needs you.
I wondered if you dream of me,
Just like I dream of you.

I know not how I’ll find you,
But one thing I know is true,
In this life or in another,
Somehow I’ll come to you.

With love forever…
My unknown dream girl.


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