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Lets sue everyone that says product “X” is bad!

We’ve seen people use bogus DMCA claims to shut up comments they don’t like, or are alternative to something their promoting. Now, it turns out that if you demonstrate security vulnerabilities in a product, you have to deal with the threat of patent lawsuits as well. IOActive, built a hand-held device capable of reading and cloning the sercurity ID cards used for access in almost any big company. They demo’d the device at the RSA Conference and were going to give a presentation at Black Hat in DC. HID Global, manufacturer of said cards sent them a letter claiming that the cloning device infringes on HID patents. IOActive pulled out of the presentation. Jennifer Granick, over at Wired News, does a good job highlighting the ridiculous consequences of an action like this: “Imagine if, in the 1970s, the tobacco companies had patented devices to measure the health effects of smoking, then threatened lawsuits against anyone who researched their products. The use of patent law to prevent vulnerability discovery and discussion is bitter irony, because a fundamental purpose of patent law is disclosure.” Yet another example of the patent system doing exactly the reverse of what it’s supposed to do.


March 1, 2007 - Posted by | Tech Industry

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