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DST changes worse then Y2k

had people panicing about a mythical collapse of the worlds entire technological structure, tons of Y2k testing software of store shelves. DST…. system admins, and coders talk about it and that’s it. The average person probably isn’t aware it’s remotely an issue.

Ironic, as the reality is the DST changed are a far greater concern for most. With Y2k everyone knew long long in advance about the issues, and were prepared. The workarounds were easy, and the media hype ensured it got more then sufficient attention. Every business had it as a major focus, even if it needn’t have been a concern for them simply due to the public paranoia over it. DST changes on the other hand came with little forewarning,, and reuired a sharp and largely unprecedented alterations that would effect a great number of softwar.
Come March 12 Admins have a huge headache on their hands and software developers have been awfully busy.


March 1, 2007 - Posted by | Tech Industry

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