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How dare you decide what to put on your own website?!

Apparently some people view serach engines as some kind of body that must grant certain fundamental rights to people. Lawsuits when their search rankings aren’t high enough to suit them is silly.

My god!, someone searched the word “tech” in google and my blog isn’t in the top 10 listings.
Clearly I should sue Google! *sarcasm*

Unfortunately that isn’t nearly as stupid as the latest instance. Someone bought gripe ads on Google, Yahoo and MSN, only to have them rejected. He then sued all three companies arguing that the search engines should be required to post his ads. The judge in the case appears to have made quick work of it, dismissing almost all of the claims and pointing out in no uncertain terms that many were specious and frivolous.
I’m sure this person had some vague semblance of logic in coming to the conclusion that MSN/Google/Yahoo are not allowed to have any choice in what appears on their own website, and that his preference is paramount. I just cannot begin to fathom what exactly the logic therein is, perhaps I’m merely dense.
This about this for a moment… would it make any sense at all if someone came along and said I had to have pornography on myy website because they want to view it here? Clearly not. It’s my website, I should be the one deciding the content (Within the boundries of the allowable content at WordPress which owns their server space outright). If someone dislikes the content they can go elsewhere to look for something more to their preference (in this example-pornographic material)
If I were to buy an add at Google that said “Google sucks, and is the worst search engine known to human kind” should Google be obligated to put it on their wesbite? Of course not, the mere that is absolutely ludicrous.


March 1, 2007 - Posted by | Tech Industry

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  1. Peace people

    We love you

    Comment by HelloWorld | April 28, 2007 | Reply

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