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Sony scaling issue and games without sound

And the leatest in Sony’s contuing efforts to make the PS3 the butt of everyone’s jokes… I’ve taken a break from watching their comedic attempts to market the PS3 just because their screwups were starting to come on an almost daily basis.

May as well throw out another one though….

We’ve known for the pastweek or so that Sony conveinetly forgot to actually do much testing on HDTV’s and the PS3 has some pretty severe issues when it comes to scaling movies and games. For those that aren’t already well aware basically if you don’t have a television that can do both 720p AND 1080p, you’re going to lose picture quality in either games or Blu-ray movies. So the problem pretty much effects…. everyone, well unless your one of the dozen or so people that have a 1080P capable television.

Apparently Sony exists in a mythical land wherein 1080P content actually exists, and more then .00000000001% of HDTV owners own a set capable of more then 720P and/or 1080i. Iniitially Sony claimed it would be a simple firmware fix for owners but they’ve now backed off on that. The official line is now that they are “looking into the issue and haven’t stated any actions that will be taken regarding it.”

In plain english I’ll take it that means nobody will be seeing any solutions anytime in the near future and current PS3 owners are likely to remain screwed. The whole “we’re beta testing Sony’s hardware” crowd is about to get even more to complain about. Of course since Sony is falling well short of their already miniscule and continually decreasing number of PS3’s they plan to ship this year that may not matter all that much.

Who knew upscaling video was such an exotic technology?  🙂

On the plus side… one of Sony’s other recent issues is at least partially resolved. Consumers were understandably perturbed when they found out Sony’s vaunted backwards compatibility with PS1/2 didn’t include actually having sound on those games. The latest frimware update for the PS3 apparently remedies that for most games though there are still a 100 or so games that will remain silent when played on the PS3.

November 25, 2006 - Posted by | Console Examination

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  1. and people wonder why wii are nintendo fans
    better build qoality
    beter designed consoles
    no hardware issues
    perfect backwards compatability
    best controls every gen
    wiimote all new out of this world experiance
    long life of products unlike sonys poor qoality crap
    fast loadtimes
    true gamecunsole mentallity applied to the consoles design NOT A MEDIA BOX OR FAKE PC


    Comment by cubeboy101 | December 28, 2006 | Reply

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