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Luongo to Vancouver

Keenan is officially insane.
The Vancouver Canucks have dealt forward Todd Bertuzzi, goaltender Alex Auld and defenceman Bryan Allen to the Florida Panthers in exchange for Roberto Luongo, defenceman Lukis Krajicek and a sixth round pick.

How Keenan even considered this deal I haven't a clue. Absolutely horrible, this is beyond defensible.

I wouldn't want Bertuzzi if Vancouver offered him for nothing at all.
He's extremely talented but hasn't shown any of that talent in 3yrs now, even paired with Naslund (I still consider him a top 5 forward in the NHL) he's barely able to hit 70pts now, even in a season in which scoring jumped considerably.
He's a liability defensively his once vaunted physical game has compleyely disappeared last season. You can count on him to give a sterling example to the young Florida talent of how to get rich by never giving more then a 2% effort.
Not to mention the massive baggage that comes along with him, the media still hunts him daily over the Steve Moore hit, and that's bound to be a distraction to Florida as if Bertuzzi isn't enough of a lockeroom cancer.

On the off chance that Bertuzzi somehow proves to be a worthwhile acquistion they can count on having him for…. 1 season. How thrilling, Luongo for a soon to be UFA.

Ah yes, they also get Auld. A 1B goaltener, basically a below average starter. Adequate but definitely not a guy you want to rely upon if you expect to make any noise in the playoffs. Roughly comparable to Cloutier, but cheaper and younger.

Allen at least does hold value. A 25yr old 2nd pairing defensive D-man. No offensive abilities at all, and he appears to have peaked but still a nice guy to have.

What does Vancouver get?
Either the best or 2nd best goalie in the NHL (Depnding on how one feels about Brodeur), and elite netminder in his prime that can singlehandedly carry a team on his back.
He is unfortunately an UFA after this season and has made it clear he intends to sign with a contender, which Florida is not. Easy to see why Florida was dealing him…. luckily Vancouver should be a pretty good team with Luongo in goal, and I'd give pretty good odds he'll be willing to sign long term there.
A spectacular upgrade on Auld whose dragged them down for so long, they finally have the reliable goalie they've so long desired.

The 6th rounder means little, it's a small addition but very unlikely to ever amount to an NHL player.

Krajicek is a young 3rd pairing offensive D-Man with some upside. He hasn't developed as expected thus far, but he can prvide some offence from the blueline and while he isn't very good defensively he's not a disaster either. If he could bulk up a bit and improve his defensive game positionally he could be a pretty nice player but I haven't seen the development from him to lead me to believe he's likely to improve much.
Still, a decent enough young player with some upside.

As far as I see this massively improved Vancouver in the short term and very likely in the long term, meanwhilst Florida downgrades significantly in the short term with precious little here to get excited about long term. They should have been able to bring back MUCH more in trade.

Horrible, horrible deal.

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  1. Luongo is the best goalie in nhl

    Comment by Kelby Bangert | July 23, 2006 | Reply

  2. thanks

    Comment by bebobob96 | January 1, 2007 | Reply

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