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Government sponsored Prostitution

Sounds like a sickening thought?
Apparently it's pretty accurate in Germany.

I find it disgusting enough that prositution is legally a profession in Germany, but I will grant that a number of people would argue it should be even if I could never begin to understand such a sentiment.

It gets worse however, the German government can potentially almost force someone into prostitution….
apparently if you are an unemployed female seeking employement with the unemployment board and turn down the offer to work in a brothel you forfiet your unemployment benefits.

That's lovely.
Want unemployment benefits? Sure…. oh but first we have a Brothel intered in hiring you, and we've also got an interview for a nude modeling job lined up. Don't like it? Too bad, that's law and every job agency in the country is legally obligated to push you into prostituion.

That's absolutely sickening.

Information courtesy of UK 'Telegraph' newspaper.

June 7, 2006 - Posted by | The World Today

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