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Outlook 2007 Phishing filter

Maybe I’m easily amused, or just find the geekiest things funny but

Outlook 2007 has an incredible bizarre idea of what a phishing mail is. (You know what that is I presume?)
Don’t get me wrong, I love the program and normally its spam/phishing filter is extremely effective… but how Outlook decided the following was a scammer faking a legitimate website I haven’t a clue.
The email in question:

“BTW, Patches is fine. They said his bloodwork didn't show anything. 🙂 Molly, my puppy, is getting huge! I weighed her at 10 lbs last night and she is 12 weeks old. Sweetie is doing good too, ill as ever! “

We were talking about XYZ's dogs (I'm not inclined to mention whom the person I was emailing is as that's imaterial) but that’s beside the point… tell me, does anything in that email give you the impression it’s a phishing mail?
I find this oddly hilarious that Outlook somehow feels that is phishing.
Even more oddly, despite somehow deciding this is a phising email… it also decides the email is not spam.

So… talking about dogs=phishing, but phishing does not equate to spam.

On another note… one would think if they took the time to implement a phishing filter it would at least cross their mind to include the word in their spell checker.

June 6, 2006 - Posted by | Amusement, Computer software

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