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Calgary- More on their early exit

Calgary's problem was identified months ago: They didn't replace Craig Conroy. And in the playoffs, nobody in the middle ranks turned into Marty Gelinas at a key moment.
Calgary's problem is that their offence was complete and utter garbage. A joke, almost on par with the horror that was the Oilers goaltending. Of course, Edmonton has a GM who went out and fixed that at the deadline. (Albeit by massively and ridiculously overpaying for average goaltending)

The Conroy thing: Unless Craig Conroy was the risen Christ, it's more than that. Jarome Iginla posted less points in a season when scoring jumped significantly, everyone else saw their numbers rise quite a bit. Iginla didn't even manage the same point totals which would have been disappointing in itself.

Sutter's mantra was that as long as the Flames scored one more goal they were ok.

His failure was to recognize that the Flames truly captured lightning in a bottle in 2004 – they regularly got that extra goal but when your offence is spread so very very thin (and it was moreso this year) then at some point you're just not going to get it. All it takes is a few bad bounces in a game.

May 10, 2006 - Posted by | Calgary Flames

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