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Thornton's reaction to the trade:

"They had flown in for the Ottawa game. I knew absolutely nothing. I was totally blindsided. Obviously (the Bruins) believed in their coach and GM and I'm next in line."

Of course he's shocked. The team has been built around you as the focal point for about 4yrs now. You were just resigned to a very lucative 3yr contract, with a no-trade clause coming intp play on the 2nd yr of the deal.
You were expected to be the focus and Captain of a team that was thought to contend for the cup this season….
You've played your entire career there.

I'm sure this almost… not quite but almost ranks up there with Marian Hossa and Brian Leetch's reactions when they were shockingly dealt to another team completely out of no where. NO ONE could have predicted Thornton would be dealt anywhere.

Here's Bob McKenzie's reaction.

One thing McKenzie stated on TSN/Sportsnet that I find very surprising. (I put complete faith in McKenzie, perhaps the only journalist in any field I can say that of)….McKenzie said that he talked to other GM's around the league NONE of which new that this was happening…There was no shopping around, it was BOS and SJ exclusivley…He also gave the inclination that there were other GM's out there willing to offer more for Joe.

This makes little sense to me, why would there be such a desperate desire to get rid of Thornton immediately that he wouldn't even talk with other GM's?

I'm not inclined to guess whether Boston would have gotten a comparable/better deal from another team …. but there certainly would have been tons of interest and plenty of offers to consider. If your making a trade as major as this it seems to stand to reason you'd want to take your time and contact absolutely everyone to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Then again, this is Mike O'Connell. He's made a career out of not giving a damn about what the fan base thinks. Boston has long been in the 2nd teir of teams behind Chicago who's primary goal about all else is financial gain. NOT having a successful team.
They way they perennially screwed over and shortchanged Ray Bourque one of the gratest defencemen of all time and always wholly devoted and loyal to the Bruins to a fault speaks volumes on that tendency.
Any other player less loyal then Bourque would have bolted as soon as he was open for UFA… Bourque stuck around for almost 20yrs always playing for less then fair market value. Even when Boston had no hope of contending.
About the only good thing Boston ever did by him was deal him to Colorado for one last harrah and stab at that long awaited Stanley Cup in 99-2000.
Few players deserved a cup as much as Bourque.

December 1, 2005 - Posted by | NHL Trades

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