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Curtis Jospeh

Curtis Jospeh AKA Cujo, is now hereby renamed by me to The CujoGod.
That’s correct, Cujo is now the God of NHL goaltenders. Though whilst bow down to his greatness.

Appropriately enough he’s presently occupied with carrying Phoenix on his back quite literally.
Oh, how I love to see Cujo thrive, and he’s always performed better when he’s playing for the underdog, and especialy behind a weak defence when he gets plenty of work.
We’ve seen this throughout hi career, and it was again obvious with Detroit the past two seasons when he was merely average during the regular season and not nearly worth his 8M paycheck (Though to his credit, he was stellar in Detoit’s two first round exits…. characteristically he was still blamed for them however. Sometime I wonder if people expected him to score as well? Detroit’s offence sure wasn’t doing it)

October 26, 2005 - Posted by | NHL-Other

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