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MS Office 2007 Video

Ever heard people complain how slowely Microsoft Office improves?

I think that's about to go out the window entirely with Office 12.

MUST SEE Office 12 Preview Video. I don't know what to say but… wow. Incredibly easy and intuitive to use, yet still very functional and flexible… looks extremely good as well.

The first 8 minutes of the video are nothing special, you can skip right past it if you wish. Just after the 8min mark they start showing off the applications though, and from then on you'll be amazed.
I swear, this is bordering on a revolution.
Such a simple thing as revolutionary? Sounds crazy admitedly, but I'm that impressed.

I've only payed passing attention to upcoming Office versions in the past, but after seeing this Office 12 now just up to being almost as eagerly awaited as Windows Vista which is saying something since Vista is going to be the core platform for the next decade ala Windows 95 was.

Believe me, I'm not kidding in the slightest… this is an absolute must see video.

This will make all applications much much friendlier to use. I'm already wishing I had Excel 12 right this second.

The applications seem a touch buggy, and it's very clearly unfinished in places. There are also a lot of pauses and slowdowns but this is pre-beta 1 code so that's largely to be expected.
Still, with all the live previews etc you can bet system requirements are going to take a dramatic leap in Office 12.

Athlon64 @ 2.65GHz meet an Office suite that actually makes your processing power justified. Been a looooong time since a mere suite of Office Applications, run individually put even the tiniest load of processors a few years behind the time.
Office 2003: Intel Pentium 233MHz
Office 12? Penitum III 800-1.2GHz?

September 13, 2005 - Posted by | Computer software

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