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A small pet peeve, why do so many people think "wherefore" means where?
In Shakespearian english wherefore means "Why".

I was reading an english critics synopsis of the much famous Romeo and Juliet, and he mentioned the now well known statement "Wherefore art thou Romeo?"
What that comment is made, she is not asking where Romeo was… she is asking asking why he was Romeo, why he was born into the only family into which she could not wed, not where he was.

It's seems simple and straightforward to me, and one would hope it's common knowledge. I find it rather disturbing that an author that proffers himself a critic of 19th century literature is evidently unaware of that. (Why a critic of 19th century literature is critiquing Shakespeare in the first place I don't know)


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Gilbert Brule 2005 NHL Draft

I'm still throughly convinced Brule should go 2nd overall.
For whatever reason, Brule has been downgraded in CSS, ISS, and McKeen’s rankings and is seldom considered to go any better then 4th overall.

I'm very high on brule. He's tough, strong (despite his size), extremely competitive, a strong skater and a hell of a shot.

He may be a touch undisciplined but that should ease up with time, and it's a necessary hazard with players that play so hard.
He's pretty bad defensively… but how many elite forwards aren't? Defence can be taught in any case.

Questions about his selfishness are overstated IMHO. He shoots alot, yes but that's b/c he's got such a damn good shot. He works well and sets up players nicely as a pointman on the PP though… not exactly the hallmark of a supposedly selfish player.

Only guy I might take 2nd over him would be Johnson, for teams that badly need defensive help.

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