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With all the talk of from Leafs fans of grabbing Hanzal should he drop to 21st overall….

Am I the only one that doesn't want to touch Martin Hanzal in the 1st round?

He's got size and toughness, plus he's got the hands of Brendl… sadly he also inherits Brendl's work ethic and complete disregard disdain for trying more then .02 seconds per year.
I have bo doubt about his raw talent, or about his suitability to play in the physical North Aermican style, he's just got to put it all together and work for it.
He's the definition of a boom or bust player.

Worth a flyer in the 2nd round perhaps, or later… but in the 1st round there are players with very near his upside and 50X the desire.

In other news, I think we've found McCabe's long lost brother- Devin Setoguchi.
Incredible one month, invisible the next month.
Only difference is McCabe plays a different position and does his fantastic/invisible routine every other year rather then Setoguchi's monthy cycles.

A few potential players….

Marek Zagrapan- I wouldn't mind looking at him if he drops… he could potentially develop into a 1st line in time, a little raw and he'll need to play with more intensity but he may be worth consideration. He'll probably go before we select however.

Kenneth McArdle-I don't see him ever being an impact player, and I'm not fond of taking the "Safe" picks in the first round…. but if the Leafs did go that route Kenndal McArdle's a decent selection. I think he has a ton of upside but he plays hard and supposedly has some leadership abilities. I see him as a very solid two-way second pairing D-Man in time. I'd figure him as a late 1st rounder he should be available for us.

Niklas Bergfors has been getting a lot of talk….I'm not sure what to think of him. He's a touch undersized and doesn't own an exceptional skill set. He's seems to have a good head for the game, and always plays hard.
He's obviously managed to put up very respectable numbers whatever his skill level.
I'm not sure what to think of him, he could end up never coming close to the NHL or developing into an excellent 2nd liner with a ton of heart. Not sure where he'll go though, anywhere from mid 1st round to mid 2nd round wouldn't shock me.

Jakub Kindl is always a thought… is status has been on a freefall for quite awhile now, but he was once considered a top tier prospect. He's still got a great skill set… but he's been all but invisible for Kitchener.
Someone'll definitely take a chance on him in the 1st round, I'd prefer it weren't the Leafs though.


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