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A quick description of my brush with the hurricane that struck Mexico.

My plane took off just in time it seems, as my plane was the very last one to leave Mexico before Hurricane Emily struck.

Apparently all the flights after mine were cancelled b/c of the hurricane. My flights out was reasonably nondescript, a bit of turbulance at times but that was it.

Nice timing eh?
Even 15min later and I'd be one of the deluge of tourists stuck in Mexico for the next week or so. They've evacuated the entirety of the state of Quintana Roo.
I do wonder where I'd be right now had my plane been a bit later then it was, as the resort I was staying at was part of the area where the Hurricane hit.
I feel sorry for the people that stayed at the same resort as I.
They paid good money for a nice all inclusive resort…. and they end up being evacuated. Kinda kills ones vacation I'd imagine… and I doubt the resort is going to be in pristince condition again for a while yet.

So, by some fluke of luck I'm out of Mexico safe and sound just in time.

Anyone that cares to hear about my time in Mexico can email me, b/c I don't feel like typing about it right now.

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